Imperial Torte "Original" - Petit Fours

Imperial Torte "Original" - Petit Fours


€ 16.50


Enjoyed with a cup of coffee at the office, or an irresistible temptation after lunch or dinner - the nine Imperial Torte Petits Fours come in a beautiful gift box. For even nobler occasions, the Petits Fours Original, just like any other Imperial Torte product, are also available in an exclusive wooden box.

9 pieces
Net weight: 125 g
Shipping weight: 370 g

Contains following allergenes:
Milk products, soy lecithin, eggs, nuts


Time of delivery
The products are generally dispatched on the next weekday (Monday to Friday, not on Saturdays or Sundays), unless you request a specific delivery date. Please see the respective delivery time from the following list: 

Austria: 1-2 days (delivery Monday-Friday)
Germany: 1-2 days (delivery Monday-Friday)
EU countries: 1-3 days (delivery Monday-Friday)
Non-EU countries: 2-4 days (delivery Monday-Friday)
USA: 2-3 days (delivery Monday-Friday)
Canada 3-5 days (delivery Monday-Friday)
Japan: 3-5 days (delivery Monday-Friday)
Remaining countries: 5-7 days (delivery Monday-Friday)

We deliver the Imperial Torte to following countries >

Date of delivery
While we will of course consider your requested date of delivery, we cannot guarantee that the package arrives on the requested day (see “Time of delivery above”).

Delivery address
The package will be delivered to the address indicated by you. In case the addressee is not present, the shipping company will arrange a new date of delivery. The addressee’s phone number is therefore necessary.

Customs clearing
Customs clearing time is not included in the delivery time as we do not have any influence on it. In case the addressee has to pay customs duties we will be indemnified as we do not have any influence on these duties either. In general, we only deliver to countries that do not charge customs duties according to our experience.

Return & exchange policy
We inform you that the return policy does not apply to the Imperial Torte or any perishable goods from our product range.
Transportation cost for returned goods must be paid by the customer.
For further Information please call: +43 (1) 50 110 31


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